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Dennis Chiu

Club President

What our members say about the club Of course the best way to get to know us is by attending one of our meetings. Please see if you can come to our next meeting. Feel free to contact our Membership Director, or any of our Club Officers for a special invitation.

We are always looking for new members to join our club of dedicated professionals. If you're interested, please talk to us. If you would like more information about joining our club, please visit "Join Our Club" above.


Receiving quality business referrals from other high-integrity people is about as good as it gets. That's what our club is all about. You can also meet our members by going to the Club Members page. Please look through our club. You can learn just about everything you need to know to see if this opportunity is right for you. Would receiving quality referrals for your business be financially rewarding? If so, you're invited to join us at our next meeting.


The Next Meeting

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